blogger's (and life) block

I think I may have hit a severe case of blogger's block.

[blog-ger's block]
A state of despair in which a blogger is unable to think of an original idea for a post and pulls her hair out in immense quantities.

Blogger's block is not fun y'all. No one told me that there comes a time when you really can't think of anything to write on. I love blogging beyond all reason, but challenges do come up. Despite the new year that is finally here, my whole life feels like a big case of writer's/blogger's/life block. Nothing new. Nothing terribly exciting. Just the day-in, day-out grind of my life.

Then it hits me like a punch in the stomach (and thanks to my brother's zealousness for Karate, I know exactly what that feels like. But I digress.)

I'm not living deeper. I'm not even trying. 

Life isn't what happens to you while you're sitting around doing nothing. Life is what happens when you are getting your hands dirty and you are way outside of your comfort zone.

 If your life isn't going anywhere, you need to do something about it, not just sit back and wait for it to get better. Go. Get out there and do something that you wouldn't normally do. See what happens. Maybe you'll be surprised.

Now excuse me while I go apply what I just said. :)


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  1. that is my word for this year. deeper. (:
    I can relate dear, I can soooooo relate. <3