random on a sunday

It's Sunday.

Call me Captain (Captainess?) Obvious, but I really felt the need to say that.

My weekend is gone, and I didn't get to sleep in at all. *sniff*

I will now go pick up the shattered pieces of my life and hope for better things next weekend.

On a lighter note: I'm learning some Mumford and Sons music on my mandolin and I really think my sister makes the best faces and it's really amazing that my brother reads chemistry books for fun and I love flowers.
See, it's all in the perspective.

Meet my brother when he has his "I really don't want you to take pictures of me right now" face.

Basically, he has this face on all the time. 
My sister on the other hand......loves being in the spotlight a little too much. Mhm.
So, I saw this clip of Courageous on Jessica's blog yesterday. 

I just about died.
We are going to lunch...I am getting a chicken sandwich...and a lemonade...I may even get...some waffle fries...and a milkshake


In case you don't know that word, it's short for hilarious.

It's pretty much my favorite word. I reserve it to describe only the funniest things.

Bye the bye, congratulations to Carli Nicole for winning the giveaway I sponsored over at Amusing! I put your necklace and earrings in the mail yesterday dear. It should be at your house this week.

How has your Sunday been lovelies?



  1. i love this. Randomness always makes the best blog posts :D and that clip just never fails to make me crack up!


  2. It's been wonderfully lazy yet somehow productive with beautiful pictures taken. Lovely post dear Abi.

  3. I'll bet that guy is going to Chik-fil-a.