ten things i have learned from being a musician

--> If you think you are the best, a) it's not true and b) you have issues. Unless you are Joshua Bell, Itzhak Perlman, Julia Fischer, or Jennifer Frautschi.

--> Know your music. Seriously, play it so often that you know it backwards and forwards. So when your music gets blown off your stand because you are sitting over an air vent, you will be able to play from memory.  Thank me later.

--> Practice matters a lot, but not nearly as much as sheer dumb luck. Ask any musician. Oh, how counter-cultural and true this is.

--> The people you meet will be waaay more memorable than any music you play.

--> The people who brag about all the fancy music they are playing and how awesome they play it are bluffing.

--> The said people who brag should be kindly reminded that they are not the center of the known and unknown universe.
--> Being a musician requires three things: dedication, a good teacher, and copious amounts of chocolate.

--> Never, never, never practice six hours at a time, no matter what anyone tells you. Ever. Even the pros don't practice that much. If you have to practice that long to get good at your music, find something else to do. Your body and willpower will thank you.

--> Again, the key to success is lots and lots of chocolate. And barbecue Lays. And an occasional coffee.

--> Enjoy the music. Even if you don't play perfectly, love it.


P.S. Speaking of music, anyone have any favorite artists to share? I'm looking for new music to listen to. 
P.P.S. I thought my blog needed a pick-me-up. Thoughts? xoxo


  1. lol. i know a few of these from experience!


    P.S. Newest follower here. Nice blog :D

  2. @ Katie: :)

    @ Jessica: Welcome! I hope this blog inspires you. :)

    -- Abi :)

  3. Abi...those thoughts can apply to lots of different areas in life. The part about chocolate was my favorite ;)

  4. I like lemons too. And John Denver.