the dandelion field

Once upon a time, there was a girl.

Every day, on her way home from various activities, she would pass by a field of dandelions.

She longed to go to that field of dandelions and capture its beauty with her camera, but there was homework to do and dishes to wash and rooms to clean.

So her camera remained in its case and the dandelions undisturbed.

But one day, she couldn't stand it any longer. She knew that soon those dandelions would be gone.

So she got her dad to drive her to that dandelion field.

She had quite the adventure trying to cross the canal that separated her from the field. But when she got over there, it was all worth it.

Even the dirt and bits of grass that completely covered her new sweater was worth it.

Oh yes it was.

Because those dandelions will now be forever etched in her memory and her iPhoto library.

The End.



  1. "etched in her memory and her iPhoto library. The End." perfect! These shots are gorgeous and I loved the story :)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. whoa.


    I'm in dandelion/golden hour/beautifulness heaven.

  3. absolutely beautiful lovely. the golden hour is breathtaking, and I loved the story. that reminds me of the field of dandelions beside the highway... I so wish I could get pictures of those. Oh, and your design is so pretty! My favorite so far (:

    1. Thanks Katie for your thoughts on my design!

  4. So much beauty exists in what some consider weeds! I love the perspective on these shots.