my thoughts on valentine's day

I used to think Valentine's day was the bee's knees.

Heck, people gave me candy. As a kid, any excuse for candy was an opportunity not to be missed.

But now that I'm older and can see past the candy, I realize it is a day to celebrate those you love.

And I think that is amazing.

But here's my dilemma.

Shouldn't everyday be a day to celebrate those whom you love?

Shouldn't husbands, fiancées, and boyfriends celebrate those special women in their life every single day, and vice versa?

If men only give their sweetheart flowers on Valentine's day, that's not OK.

I would rather have a husband/guy who I am courting, tell me every day I am important to him. Not just on Valentine's day.

I would rather have a guy use his imagination and think of little ways to surprise me every day than a big "hoorah" once a year.

That being said, I think Valentine's day is a sweet tradition.

My dad brings my mom roses every year on Valentine's day. But he doesn't just do it on Valentine's day. He shows her that he loves her every single day.

Valentine's day is a day where he goes especially out of his way to say "you are special to me."

That is what I think is the spirit of the holiday.

True love, not just chocolate and roses once a year.

What are your thoughts on Valentine's day lovelies? I'd would like to hear!



  1. Beautiful post. I am not sure I'm doing anything for Valentines Day. However, after thinking about it, I do want to give a little something to my dear family. Even if it's just a note telling them I love them. :)

  2. I actually know a lot about this particular holiday. The history of it is pretty gross X| I think the idea of giving a special someone roses every year is really sweet, but personally, I would prefer if my husband did it on our anniversary, anyway.

    Have a lovely day!
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. I say we ditch Valentines and start sending all our friends and loved ones cards filled with hearts and chocolates every month! I do love chocolates...
    and thank you for your sweet comment my dear, <3