good bye for now

I have decided to take a blogging break for the month of March. I feel like God is calling me to step aside for a bit and focus on other things.

I will miss all you lovely people, but I will be back in April, hopefully refreshed and definitely with lots of thoughts and photos.

Until April, mes amis, au revoir.



  1. oh my dear, I will certainly miss you. but enjoy your break to its fullest! <3

  2. I'll miss you, Abi!! But a blogging break is a good idea.
    Until April,

  3. I'll miss you! Bloggign breaks are good for you every now and then ;) Have fun!

    xoxo, Jessica

  4. I am taking a light brake to spend time with siblings and stuff so I hope our brakes do us both some good! I hope you have an awesome break!


  5. bye abi! have a great blogging break : )

  6. may i ask, miss abby--what font is that that you used on the photo? aw, and g'bye for now! :.) we shall miss ya! :)

  7. these kinds of breaks are good :) goodbye for now :D

  8. Hi Abi :) I'm starting an online travel magazine and I'd like to have a few travelers join the magazine's staff. Are you interested? I'm still working on the actual setup, layout, and structure of everything but I wanted to get ahead of things by asking you if you would want to join as a member. If you'd like more info on anything at all just let me know at I'll answer any questions you have. :) Thanks for even considering this offer :D