a blog award

Well, I was awarded the versatile blog award by my beautiful friend Kristin! Thanks Kristin! I have never received an award before, and you just about made my day!

So, the rules are:

+I have to thank the person who gave it to me
+I have to post 7 random facts about myself 
+ I have to pass this award on to 5 other beautiful people

So...7 random facts.....eeesh. I'm really bad at this kind of thing.

+I am a string cheese connoisseur. 
+I play four instruments. For those who are curious, I play viola, violin, piano, and mandolin.
+I used to hate writing. NO JOKE.
+When I meet people, I usually start laughing my head off over some not very funny thing five minutes into our conversation. And then I have mood swings for the rest of the time. People tell me I'm weird and that my laugh freaks them out. But I'm not weird, I just have an abnormally large funny bone, that's all.
+I adore even numbers. Odd numbers make me squirm uncomfortably, with the exception of the number 5. 
+Alternative music makes me happy. Lady Gaga...does not.
+I <3 Peeta Mellark, and anyone who hates on Peeta earns my eternal wrath. Amen.

Now to pass this on:

Lala @ Freckles Aren't Contagious - my beautiful friend whom I don't see enough of. She's always a bit of sunshine in my day. <3
Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul - Jess, you are one awesome blogger, plus you are just flat-out funny. And your conversations with your siblings make me laugh. Like, a lot.
Katie @ The Everyday Happy - Girl, I love you. The End. Your blog makes my heart happy and we need to meet some day in real life. 
Jocee @ Cupcake Dictionary - You have such a cute blog. And you find the best pictures on Pinterest and Weheartit. I admire how you are always yourself. You will go far. :)
Tori @ The Smell of the Color Three - I love you Tori. You always have something amazing and encouraging to say to everybody. And we need to chat on the phone more often.

Happy Thursday! 



  1. Wow, thanks! I might post about it soon.


  2. 7, 13, 25, 33, 67, 99...Love you!!