my thoughts about the blogging journey

I was chatting with my beautiful friend Katie today about blogging. Something she said really struck me.

She said, "I've noticed a successful blogger is never cooped away in their bedroom writing about life, but actually living and experiencing."

And I was all like, "Whoa girl, why are you not running a lifestyle magazine?" Not really, but you bet I was thinking it.

So, here's a tiny list/thoughts of what I've learned on this journey people call blogging.

1. As soon as you start a blog, or get a blogger account, you have just plugged yourself into the world's biggest support system. 
Think about it. Literally thousands of girls just like you are encouraging each other and growing together. That is something you do not find every day.

2. If you do nothing else for your blog, get a nice design. 
Please. I beg you. Here is a great design website which I will use if I ever pay someone to design my blog.

3. Mix things up and put pictures in your posts. 
BIG pictures. Big pictures will show off your rad photography skills. But sometimes little pictures, especially in a collage, look pretty cool too.

4. If you just blog about how amazing your lunch was, or how boring school is, it might be hard to get readers. 
Write some thoughts you had that day, or maybe some poetry you wrote, or pictures of your siblings with a conversation you had with them.

5. Remember, blogging is about the people you will meet and the lessons you will learn. 
I know it is so hard for new bloggers to feel like there is no one for them to connect to and they feel isolated. Trust me, there is someone waiting to be your friend. But sometimes you are the one that needs to reach out and make the first move on a friendship.

6. Do not be afraid of inspirationless days, or weeks, or months. 
They are perfectly normal and will pass.

7. Try to journal a LOT and take little "blogging breaks" a LOT. 
Blogging, although one of the greatest hobbies ever, sucks energy out of you. Take time and refill your batteries.

8. Quality comes before quantity.
'nuff said.

9. March to the beat of your own drum.
OK, I have to admit, this is something I don't say very often. But in blogging this is essential. Don't get caught up in what everyone else is doing, because then you lose the chance to do something great. 

What about you, my lovely readers? What would you add to this list? Any thoughts + lessons you've learned from blogging?



  1. Oh. My. Gosh. This is incredible. I totally, 100% agree with you.
    I would also add to #5, that commenting is the best way to make friends and gain followers. Really, no one will ever know your blog even exists if you don't make yourself known by showing an interest in their blog.

  2. This is completely spot on - especially that last point! I'm learning that every single day: my blog doesn't have to look like so-and-so's blog, no matter how much I admire that person! It's freeing :)