of chocolate, warm weather, and wisdom teeth

Weather is warming up here. I'm starting to see flowers on our pomegranate and apple trees. And more and more little people are coming over to our house for swimming. Why on earth can't it stay like this all the time?

Watching: Psych 
(I may or may not have gone through two seasons in the last two days) 

Munching: chocolate bunnies and M&Ms from my Easter candy haul. Oh yeah, and chicken noodle soup.
 I have to suck on the chocolate because of the unfortunate fact that I had my wisdom teeth removed on Monday. It was not fun.

Listening: Of Monsters and Men
Go now and add all their songs to your computer, iPod, MP3 player, whatever. Do what it takes.

Wishing: trip to France, a tumblr, and for a new iPod. 
And for a camera. And for school to be done. And for my mouth to stop hurting. And for Peeta to be real. 

Off to watch more Psych. And take an Advil.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!



  1. I just got my braces on 2 weeks ago and I wanted to take my mouth out EVERY TIME I TRIED TO EAT SOMETHING (even ice cream!!!???) Now I have to get an impacted tooth taken out of my gums (SCARED) Hope you feel better soon!

    ^my blog :)^

  2. Yikes, you got them all taken out?? O-U-C-H. Hope you feel better soon!


  3. Oh dear, I will be getting my wisdom teeth out in a few weeks. I'm terrified to say the least; hope you're feeling alright, dear! And hope the chocolate helped. ;)