photo challenge finalists!

Hello lovelies, ready for some photo challenge finalists? Y'all had such amazing photos! I am blown away by everyone's creativity, and I definitely want to do a challenge again soon. I couldn't decide between three pictures, so I am going to let you all decide for me!

Kyla @ Freckles Aren't Contagious - Wow. I love the angle, the focus, and the colors in this shot. Well done!

Oriana @ Pieces of a Real Heart - The colors in this photo are stunning. And you have great composition as well. Good job!

Annie Rose @ Azalea Blue - I love the colors and your composition. Another cool thing is the hint of a spiderweb stretching from one of the daisies. Great editing!

Now you can vote! On the sidebar, there is a poll where you can vote for your favorite. Voting will be open until Friday, April 27th. Good luck to all the finalists!



  1. All the three photos here are superb! And normally, when they are all superb, I have the most difficult time voting.

    Jemimah C.
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