Well, I'm sixteen.

Funny. When I was ten, sixteen was the elusive, unattainable age. But it's here now. And I'm not sure how to feel about it. It always seems as though it should be someone else turning sixteen, not me.

I'm so grateful though. I had a beautifully simple day. Got a facial, went shopping at a few of my favorite places with my mom, my sister, my sweet friend, and her mom, then wrapped up the day with dinner and Costco cheesecake at my favorite restaurant.

Eeep. A whole new year in which to dream, think, and be my quirky, sarcastic, musical, journaling, laughing, people-loving, and wanna-be world changer self. Exciting, no?


P.S. 50 followers? You guys rock my socks off. I am so, so, so blessed to share this little space with y'all.


  1. Happy Birthday, Abi dear! I hope your day was absolutely as wonderful as you are. (:
    xo, oriana

  2. A huge happy birthday to you, Abi! Have a wonderful, blessed celebration!

    PS. Congratulations for your 50 followers. You deserve each and everyone of them, dear girl!

  3. Happy Birthday Abi, Hope your day is filled with joy.

  4. hey there :)

    happy birthday, I hope it was FANTABULOUS :D

    I'm a new follower~I love your blog already and all I've read is this post and the about section XD.

    I'm super excited to find someone who spells their name just like mine. Around where I live, Abbie/Abby is a ton more common, so it's...well...exciting :)

    Happy Birthday!!