life as of late || a thank you

entering this here
Here's some photos of my life as of late. Lots of reading, finding awesome quotes, and experimenting with Camilla, (my camera :D).

I am going through the valley of inspirational drought right now, but I am starting to grope my way out of the darkness, and I have learned much about leaning on God even though you feel like he's not there.

I've noticed my lack of inspiration particularly on this little space, and if I am gone for a few days here and there, never fear, I will always come back. I just need to break down a few walls that have been hindering me from being creative like I usually am. If you want to be in touch, you can keep up with me on Twitter. I try to tweet three or four times a day, so I will be able to get back to you right away.

And thank you all for your sweet comments on my vlog. I am seriously blessed to have y'all in my life.

What has life been teaching you lately?



  1. Oh your photos are beautiful!!! Thanks for linking up!


  2. Wow, you take some awesome photos! I love your entry for the food photography challenge :)

  3. These photos are seriously gorg, Abi. And so is this post. God is so amazing, isn't He? Sometimes it seems as though He takes me and really lets me realize that.

    xo, oriana.

  4. wow, this photography is insanely good.
    life has been teaching me how thankful i need to be and so grateful for everything that i have at the moment! god is good : )

  5. those pictures are beautiful!

  6. oh darling, so beautiful... for real, those pictures are amazing.
    life lately for me has been busy busy busy. 4 letters sitting on my desk waiting for me, Etsy designing and creating has swamped me, and blogging/commenting has taken a backseat. Not to mention I'm currently in this drought that you have recently climbed out of. I'm also lazy. Yeah, not good. Amazing post though love <3