an autumn outfit and some music

shirt::special event // skirt::thrifted // cardigan::mom's // belt::thrifted // shoes::montego bay club

weather is cooling down here. maybe not enough for really warm clothes, but it's cool enough to send me flying to my closet to dig out all my long jeans and cardigans and scarves and sweaters and boots as fast as i can.

i guess you could say i'm counting down the degrees. can someone say "cool weather nut"?



  1. cicadas and gulls. YES. by the way, that outfit is amazing. xo

  2. Cute outfit!
    I know, I've been hoping for cooler weather, but the best we've gotten is seventies. Which is cool enough for jeans and maybe a light sweater, but that's about it. :P

  3. you are so pretty, and fashionable, with good taste in music.

  4. Love the outfit!

    I am also a cool weather fanatic...Love sweaters, scarves, boots, etc...definitely ready to raid the closet and get out my sweaters! :)

  5. LOVE this outfit! it's adorable :)

  6. Your outfit is quite LOVERLY! I don't usually dare to put so many different colors and prints and such together, but what you're wearing might just have to change that fact...because it so LOVERLY! Oh, and by the way... I am totally counting down the degrees with you! =)