on the road at night // a guest post

on the road at night
i sit in the passenger seat of a grand caravan with the window rolled down and the wind whipping around my face.
i close my eyes and listen to the to the engine whine and the radio play.
when i open my eyes again all i see is the circles of headlights and road. i close my eyes again.
when i hear the engine stop i know we have reached our destination. i am reluctant to leave the warm comfort of the vehicle out into the cold fall air, but i know it won't be long until i'll be back.


 hello. i'm anna.  an aspiring photographer/cinema-photographer who loves winter, plaid, fuzzy boots, coffee, blogging, sketching, writing, and many other things. i blog at Anna Faith, and would love it if you'd stop by :)


  1. um, the pictures aren't showing up........

  2. love this. the pictures are beautiful!

  3. Lovely pictures, my dear. I adore bokeh.

  4. road bokeh at night is so fun - love this. :)