the house with the golden windows | guest post by oriana

she was just a little thing, a mere nine years old with hair the color of caramel and she held the ocean in her cobalt blue eyes. but the girl never knew was how pretty she was because the only thing she saw in the mirror was unruly freckles and skin too tanned from being outside. nevertheless, she was the kind of girl that people said was "as pretty as a picture" when they would walk by. and this girl lived for the sunset. every evening you could find her sitting on the dock, feet splashing in the water, looking out over the sound into the descending sun. it would be fair to say that she thought everything looked much more appealing covered in the golden light; everything was "more beautiful", as she said. the best thing in the world was the look in her eyes when she would glance behind her and see that her house's windows were aglow with the colors of dusk. and, if anyone asks where she lives, she would simply and innocently reply, "the house with the golden windows." xo

oriana [or-ee-ann-uh]: photographer, (sometimes) writer,
piano player, book reader; passionate about life and Jesus.


  1. beautiful. your words paint a picture in my head. xo

  2. I love this so much. beautiful pictures<3

  3. this is so pretty. it makes me happy.

  4. What a creative way to write a post, Oriana! I love this so very much. :)

  5. the photos and that little short story of her, this just lightened my day :) beautiful work you got here!

  6. Everything about this is LOVELY. My, do you write beautifully.