putting memories and dreams on my wall 


If you were to ask me what the heck is going on these days, I would probably laugh hysterically and then go eat some dark chocolate and continue obsessing over this awesomeness with a slightly maniacal look in my eye. Trying to process everyday things becomes a little harder with each new homework assignment.  My camera sits on my desk, gathering dust while I obsess over my new iPhone and Instagram and panoramas and VSCO cam and such. Honestly, taking pictures with my phone is so much easier than setting white balance and f-stop and all that necessary nonsense that comes with a DSLR. However, doing a friend's senior portraits this weekend will hopefully put me in my right mind and set me straight. Sorry for being so absent. I am dreaming about a trip to France that might now be so imaginary but maybe, just maybe will be real. I am worrying about that midterm exam that's due in three hours and having to get ahead in chemistry and taking the SAT and all sorts of headache-inducing awfulness. I am having an awful argument with the flu (thankfully, my old friends citrus and herbal remedies have my back). I'm thinking about that boy again and I can't stop wondering what he's doing, although I'm too shy to even ask. I'm dreaming of the wisps of pretty thoughts that tomorrow inevitably holds (after all, the grass does take a while to get greener). But tomorrow is always a day away and all I hear now is the sound of silence. (Kudos to you if you caught the two very un-related cultural references in that sentence). 

Go eat some chocolate. Stay awesome. xx


  1. wuvwuvwuvwuv. everything about you! you're blog is awesome, you are totes AWESOME, i wuv your words!

    xoxo || i'm having a book swap on my blog, check it out!


  2. simply lovely, Abi. :) [random thought: i have the hardest time remembering how to spell your name. Abbie, Abbey, Abby, Abi... hope i don't forget and spell it wrong. ;)]

    anyway. iphones and all that jazz are pretty awesome too, but i think i'll always prefer my DSLR. ;) have fun on that photo-shoot, and i hope you are feeling better soon! (ain't citrus and all the herbal stuff incredible?)


  3. ah you're awesome! i love the pictures. how did you hang them? i'd like to do something similar to that on my wall this summer after i travel this winter and spring. i haven't really properly used my DSLR for awhile now. i too, blame it on my iPhone, instagram and VSCOcam app obsession. it's amazing, really. the only time i've been using it is to take the mandatory picture for my project365. i'm hoping my el salvador trip will make me stop being so lazy. we can only hope. france sounds amazing! i hope it'll be a reality for you soon :) school is dreadful right now. my writing assignments (which i dont usually mind) have piled up and I have two papers plus a revison due in the morning. i'm still struggling with fatigue that always nags at you for weeks after the flu. i hope you feel better soon!! and amen about him. somewhat. tomorrow is just a day away and spring is coming soon, hopefully! xx

  4. Oh darling, you are too adorable and I adore you because of this. I love your memory wall. Hopefully you'll get over the flu just as I did, pass the midterm with flying colors (if that's what they say), and make it to France because life is too short not to.

  5. "putting memories and dreams on my wall" -- perfect caption right there. :) <3

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