"I've been a travelin', travelin'. 
Travelin' a places that I've never been, never been."
- a song I started but never finished

I packed my bags and headed to Tennessee for National Convention, a TeenPact event, which drew over 700 people from around the nation to the Tennessee mountains for a week of fellowship and spiritual growth. I laughed, cried, mentored, was mentored, and was an all-around mess by the time I had to leave. It was fabulous. 
I did my best to hang on to my sanity as I prepared for the SAT, and then headed up to Northern Arizona to camp. 
My family hosted a foreign exchange student (made some siiiiick french food, yo), went up to Sedona, and I roadtripped with some girlfriends to Cali for debate camp. 
My family, along with my grandparents, took a two-week roadtrip in our minivan (yes, a minivan) through the American West, making stops in Utah, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado. Lord, there were times I didn't think the van would make it, but it somehow survived. It's all good: The vintage posters I got alone made the trip worth it. 

Pro tip - South Dakota antique shops are the literal best. 


  1. this is really lovely. your words make me happy. :)

  2. i wish i could've hidden in the back of your minivan.

  3. i love in utah! what did you think of utah? creepy? crazy? be honest.