minimalism part i/// During these past few months, I found a love for minimalism.  I realized that I had way too many things I didn't use. Clothes I never wore, papers I never look at, knick-knacks whose giver I had forgotten, bath salts and mysterious lotions I was afraid to use. When I traveled, I was the stereotypical paranoid packer. You know, "what if a snowstorm strikes Florida in the middle of May? I NEED this parka, JUST in case."Clutter leapt from the real world to my digital world as well. Too many social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) cluttered my brain and sucked up my time. I was afraid to delete pictures that were awful, and which had no significance for me. 
In other words, I was a mental hoarder. I didn't stuff my house with junk (although, believe me, my room was a d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r), I stuffed my mind with it. I was afraid to let things go (especially online), and the results were devastating. I wasn't sleeping well. I worked myself up into a sweat over losing ONE follower. I constantly checked Blogger for pending comments and Facebook for notifications and Twitter for retweets and Instagram for likes. An unkind word someone said to me or a mistake I made would roll around in my head for months, driving me crazy. Ugh. 
But then, I found this website. And my eyes were opened. 
part ii coming soon

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