going downtown

Sometimes, all we need to be refreshed is a day off. Going downtown for lunch, symphony concerts, and shopping is something I highly recommend for a day that is meant to be relaxing but not lethargic.

Especially if you go with friends.

Chandelier bokeh. OH YES.

We went to the symphony to hear music from Fantasia, Harry Potter (yay!), and Superman. It was a fun Halloween theme. 

My favorite part though? The violin soloist, twelve years old, and a friend of mine.

I was so proud.

Aren't they so cute?

Homemade ice cream sandwiches. To die for. I love small ice cream shops.

After lunch, Charming Charlies. To sum up Charming Charlies': Two floors chock full of every single girly thing you could ever imagine.

I just about had a coronary.

What city adventure post would be complete without the outfit worn?

Good grief, look at all that hair!

shirt and shoes: mossimo // jacket: classy lass // purse: gift // necklaces: michael's, kohl's // pants: black thrifted capris

Yet another shoe find: Goodwill for $2. 

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to get away from school and just enjoy life. I really needed it. 

What close-to-home adventures have you gone on lately?

Happy Thursday y'all!


  1. Loverly post!
    I love those shoes! What a bargain.
    Beth xx

  2. Abi, I'm jealous of your photography skills! My favorite pic in this post is the first one of the light. But that ice cream sandwich... yum!
    I enjoyed taking a peek at your blog!

    ~Madeline, a fellow A.C. student. :)