new beginnings

This week has been hard for me. I'm getting ready for a viola contest, family was in town, and my schoolwork keeps getting harder every day.

And to add to that, I have been looking at my life. All of it.

My priorities mostly. You know, those pesky little things that you know you should really care about and do them cheerfully without internal (or external) grumbling. Yeah, well, unfortunately, I have not been doing that.

Another thing I have been looking at: my blog posts. I feel as though my posts have been superficial, meaningless, fake. I post pictures and what is going on in my crazy life, but there is no meaning to the madness. Do you feel like this? Its ok, I want you to be honest, you won't hurt my feelings. :)

I want my blog to be a reflection of Jesus. And you know what? Jesus connects the dots. Every story in the bible is a separate story, its own happening, like my posts. But the amazing thing about the bible is that it is all connected. There is a purpose.

 I want my blog to connect the dots. I want my blog to have a purpose. While I want each of my posts to be able to stand own its own, my blog also needs to work together. I want my blog to be a story about how God uses a normal girl to do amazing things for him, whether that be taking photos, writing, or  simply living life. I don't want to be fake. I want to be real. I want to live life off the beaten path. This is now a meaningful documentation of God's power and the crazy, insane, scary, awesome life He has given me. No more random picture dumps and a pathetic three sentences about how tired I am.

Now, its all for his glory.

I'm so excited.


  1. Such a beautiful post. I know how it feels to need to re-evaluate blogging (I feel as if I do it everyday!).
    Those pictures are wonderful. And I am sure your future posts will be brilliant. :)

  2. I"m so excited to see what He does in you and through you Abi.