san diego-the cemetery

Sometimes visiting a cemetery can really make you reflect on life. All these people lived, loved, and went through times of trial. Especially these people. Everyone buried here is an Armed Forces veteran and their spouse. My great-great-grandparents are buried here. So are my great grandparents.

Looking back on their lives and hearing their stories and the sacrifices they made makes me so glad I am alive. They left me a legacy to carry. A legacy of courage, of hard times bravely faced, of smiles and tears, of prosperity and poverty. And joy in all of those situations.

I wasn't sad when I went to the cemetery, I was happy in a reflective sort of way. I don't want to mourn these people, I want to learn from them. To observe the traits they showed and apply them in my own life. I want to learn from the people who have already gone through everything I am struggling with and seek their advice.

Oh, the things you can learn from a cemetery.


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  1. It looks like a very peaceful place. The history of people truly can teach us so much.