san diego-the beach

Ahh, the beach. Especially the San Diego beach. Windy, sandy, and way too much photography bliss. I was in heaven.

I tell you, those seagulls were posing. Look at these pics and tell me they're not.

Random side note: I have been experimenting with adding film grain to my photos. Thoughts?

I was so lucky to get this photo of the ocean and the rocks. It is my desktop background and will be forever and ever.

We had a blast looking at the ocean life. It is soooo much different than what we are used to.

Are you a beach person? Or do you prefer being inland?



  1. I love the beach!! We live quite close which is great.
    Beth xx

  2. Your header is soo lovely. Swoon. And beach photographs always seem to find a special place in my heart, love these all. Beautiful work!