san diego - family + nature photography

The last installment of the epic series. :) Thanks for putting up with me. I promise I really am done.

My beautiful, sweet, adorable cousins. What with sleepovers, movies, and other assorted stuff, we had a great time.

I had a heyday of nature photography on our last day. Sheesh people, why else do you go to San Diego? 


Snapped this picture on the way home. Isn't she the cutest?

To all the family in CA: I love you guys so much. Thanks for having us out. xoxoxo

And too all my lovely readers, xoxo :)

P.S. I put together a playlist of my favorite songs for y'all. Have a listen. :)


  1. Great photographs! Love the one of the tree. It is so colorful. :)

  2. Wonderful!! Your sister is cute.
    I would like to go to san diego one day.
    Beth xx

  3. Amazing pictures Abs! I'm so jealous you had a photography hay-day! I love those days :).

  4. Dear- your blog is gorgeous, and your photos are even better. The blur is my favorite!
    I'd love if you stopped by mine(: