let the tangents begin

-->I'm sitting in my favorite chair with my slippers on and a mug of tea in my hand, just listening to the silence and writing. Reflecting on my more-than-hectic week. Tea can have strange and wondrous effects on the mind. As Madison says, "There's no telling how graceful these words may be. Bear with me folks"

-->My sister is the cutest human being on the planet. Listen to this conversation I had with her this morning.

Me: (flipping through local magazine. Points at local girl modeling winter outfit) "Isn't this girl pretty Hannah? Look at her cute outfit."

Hannah: (flips to next page and points at an article featuring a middle-aged lady with a beautiful smile) "I like her better"

Isn't she adorable? She surprises me daily with the cute things she says.

-->This weekend, my family went to Prescott to hear Fernando Ortega, a singer and pianist. The church where the concert was held was beautifully decorated with candles and Christmas lights. Taking bokeh pictures was almost too easy.

-->I can now say with confidence that Christmas is really and truly here. Christmas music is blaring every waking moment, it finally got below 40 degrees last night (hallelujah!), and Christmas presents are starting to appear one by one under the tree. My Christmas wish? A Canon t2i or a Nikon D5100. That, unfortunately, is in my dreams.

-->I made another shoe find recently. Oh yes I did.

Laceless oxfords from Payless for $11.

Check, check, and check.

-->I now leave this extremely random post with a favorite song of mine.

Hallelujah (Radio Edit) by Canadian Tenors on Grooveshark


P.S. Thoughts on the new design? Yes? No? Abi, what on earth were you thinking?  want to hear your thoughts. xoxo

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  1. *runs to Payless* I'd love a pair (:
    Love the design! and gorgeous lights, they're so Christmas-y.