Last weekend, my family went to Prescott to hear Fernando Ortega in concert. 

On the way to Prescott. 

In Prescott

Fact: He was amazing. He was one of the funniest, most down-to-earth semi-celebrities I have ever met.

Me, my mom, and Fernado Ortega. 
credit for the photo goes to a random sound guy who had the bravery to wield the camera. props to you, sound-guy-friend.

Fact: He traveled with the most epicly (is that a word?) awesome cellist ever named Cameron, who calls Fernando "Fernie" and played every single note of every single song perfectly. And you know that if I (a violist who is a perfectionist has high standards) say that, then it is true.

Warning, flash photo.

photo credit: my mom

Fact: It SNOWED while we were there!! We never get it, so even a light dusting of the freezing cold, beautiful stuff makes us squeal. If a light dusting makes us squeal, then you can imagine the noises we were making with half a foot of snow.

*sigh* Going through all these pictures makes it seem like I'm there again. 

Happy weekend everyone!!

--Abi :)


  1. hey! thanks for the comment. :) it sounds like an awesome concert that you went to! i used to play the violin actually.

    to answer your question, i edit my photos with adobe photoshop cs5.


  2. HEY! Whaddya mean "semi" celebrity? He's super, duper famous to me! Beautiful pictures Abi!