and the clock struck midnight

I really wish I could say that last night I did school and then went to bed early like the model of perfection I am. (ha!)

But I didn't. 

I went to a ball.


*dies from happiness and exhaustion*

Whaddya mean I have to hold his hand?

All photo credits go to my mom

Some thoughts:

~The Virginia Reel and Through the Fields of Frost and Snow dances are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
~Jeri, Jodi, Emily B., Olivia, and Emily H. are also amazing.
~Being surrounded by people my age who regularly make their own clothes is a very humbling experience.
~That being said, I'm glad I rented a dress. 
~Never dance on a slick wood floor in shoes with no treads, or you will fall and wish yourself dead.
~When dancing, be prepared to laugh at yourself. A lot.
~Talking and laughing with friends until midnight about absolutely nothing at all is the best evah.
~Historical dresses are the stuff of legend, and make the wearer feel like a princess.
~There is absolutely nothing like a boy asking you to dance. Absolutely nothing.



  1. Aw at the last one. <3
    and I love the word 'evah'. (:

  2. i hope someday a handsome boy asks me to dance. that would be the best 'evah' XD (I may have to use that word soon.)

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. Looks like you had a ton of fun!

  4. That last thought... made me extremely jealous! :P Take me with you next time? ;D

  5. I love that dress!
    Looks like a wonderful time.
    Beth xx

  6. I love dancing at balls! Our family recently went to a ball, SO much fun! There were like 300 people there, and if you fell, you'd get trampled! Haha, but I'm glad you had fun! =) Some of those pictures you posted reminded me of Pride and Prejudice. And I LOVE the Virginia Reel, that's the best dance in my opinion.