Pomegranate is a thing not meant to be shared. Oh no, it's meant to be gobbled in silent solitude, away from the prying eyes and mouths of little sisters. *insert evil laugh here*

That, friends, is my philosophy.

My tried and true recipe for a blissful afternoon? Take a picture, eat about 721 pomegranate seeds. Add some good ol' Mumford and Sons or The Weepies in the background. Repeat until well satisfied. Then go upstairs and edit photos.

Works every time.


P.S. Welcome to my new followers! I hope you enjoy it here. I sure enjoy havin' ya. :)
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  1. *EVIL LAUGH* I heartily agree, my friend :D Mumford and Sons and pomegranate. Yum♥

  2. I'm a new follower so I'll say "hi". I love your pictures of the pomegranate!! Pomegranate is one of the best things out there! I rarely get to have it though. :(

  3. I LOVE pictures, never had pomegranates but hear they're amazing, also in love with M&S. Hello friend, nice to meet you; I believe we have much in common. ha(: