forgotten grace

This topic has been rolling around in my mind and soul for the last couple days. The story behind this post is a rather providential one.

It really all started when I read this post. I thought it was beautiful and really touching. Great post, I thought. Moving on in life.

But God didn't want me to stop there. Last night, the teaching at my Youth Group was about how we've forgotten God's all-sustaining, perfect grace.

We've forgotten.

We've forgotten it like it never exists except when someone gets a really nice job or their kid is miraculously pulled out of a rock-bottom life of drug and alcohol addiction.

That really hit me hard, especially when my mentor asked me to really think about how much I rely on God and not myself. 

And then, to top it all off with whipped cream and a cherry, my writing teacher today did a devotional on God's grace. Not just God's grace though. Relying on God's grace.

Score three for God.

You should know that I am the oldest child in my family. I don't like accepting help from anybody. I am seriously the most independent-minded person I know. I don't do relying.

Um, hey, you really can't do this on your own. There is no way you are ever going to live deeper and grow. You've got to rely on God because he's got it covered. You don't do anything that he hasn't planned anyway. Why not give up the I-am-the-oldest-child-I-can-do-all-things mentality and try letting God take care of it for a change?

Relying on God's grace means that even when my sister is being insufferable, you love her with a smile in your heart. Believe me, I tried that last night on the way home from Youth, and it was really hard.

It's like I've lost the ability to rely on God, not myself. Yikes.

We've forgotten. It's time to remember.



  1. very good reminder... it seems like I try and try... but sometimes I forget. :(

  2. Aw, this post makes my heart swell with thankfulness! I am so glad that post spoke to you.
    Grace from God is so often forogetten! I am glad that He continues to remind us, even when we forget.

  3. so inspiring, abi! found your blog through kimberly's giveaway you're sponsoring! great job. i really hope to win your lovley : D
    you have such a beautiful blog!

  4. @ Julia: I know what you mean. I try too. But it is so easy to forget.

    @ Kimberly: God is so good to remind us, I agree.

    @ Holly: Why thanks! I'm so glad you stopped by! I hope you win! :)

    --Abi :)

  5. Good post! Its time to remember.


    p.s. I'm following now.