how to make a lace headband {guest post by emma}

So I am going to show y'all how to make a cute head band =) Ready?

How to make an Elegant lace head band~

What you need is 

1 foot and 4 inches of lace
5in. of elastic
Needle, Thread and scissors

Now what you do is take your supplies 

Take your lace and elastic. Lay your lace out and put your elastic on the edge like this

and fold the sides around the elastic

and sew it where it will stay there. Then do the other side.

Now you are done!

Also you can make them with fabric or ribbon!
Who's the girl in the headband?

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I hope you have a great day!

In Christ,
Emma Margaret


  1. So easy and cute! I wonder if it's okay for almost 40 year old mammas to wear these? :)

  2. What a cool idea! I will have to try this!