sun flare and sisterly conversations

Me: Hannah, look reflective!
Hannah: What's reflective?
Me: Look at your shoulder and be serious!

Hey, whatever works people. Whatever works.
Hannah: Oh look Abi, my friend is playing down the street. Can we be done now?
Me: Hold that face. Right there. *click* 
Me: Look heroic!
Hannah: Like a knight?
Me: Pretend like I just said something funny and laugh.
Hannah: That was funny Abi!

My indescribable. So witty and drop-dead-from-laughing hilarious. (think singing Justin Bieber in a mousey voice) 

But we won't talk about that. I might keel over laughing.



  1. I laughed at this. So funny Abi! Your sister looks darling.(:

  2. lol... i love your sister. she could seriously be my eight-year-old sister's twin =D they even look alike, except for mine has dark hair. but seriously, she makes that last face all the time.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. This made me smile! Your sister is adorable and those are gorgeous pictures!

  4. Oh my, this is adorable! I love the dialouge. It's priceless. :) Beautiful pictures!