Dear Spring,
Please get here soon. kthanx.

Dear Sipping chocolate from Trader Joes,
Will you marry me?

Dear French,
I love you and I hate you. That is all.

Dear Chemistry,
You are not welcome in my life. Please go away. Now.

Dear Weepies, Mumford&Sons, and Wailin' Jennys,
How can I ever express my complete and utter adoration of you?
 You make my life (read: chemistry and math) actually bearable.

Dear Brother who beats me at everything,
Why do you have to be so stinkin' smart? Why couldn't I be born with the genius genes? Why?

Dear Sister who snuggles with me in the morning,
I like you. The End.
Dear Nikon D90,
When will my bank account allow me to have you? 
I need you badly.

Dear Viola,
I love you, but do you have to be so hard to play? We have that competition coming up and I need your cooperation k? k. 
Dear Blogging,
Would it be too hard to maybe allow me to find a style that works for me, so I can get on with my life and actually write some good posts?

Dear lovelies who actually read this,
You rock.


P.S. A little bird told me there might be a 50 follower giveaway coming up soon. I think that little bird might be psychic.


  1. psychic birds? oh, my :"D
    mumford and sons and sisters that snuggle♥ yes.
    why, thank you, m'dear. it's always nice to hear we rock =)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. Hi Abi, I just found your blog!! I'm following you via gfc. I especially love the first picture. Nice header also! <3 Anne Katherine @ www.raspberrycappuccino.com

  3. Love this, Abi! And I can totally relate with the chemistry one, yea.
    Thanks, I think you rock too.(:
    Love the new header!