winter camp

Thank you for all your sweet well-wishes as I went to winter camp. They were so encouraging.

I had a wonderful time. I strengthened friendships, grew closer to God, got to play in the snow, and got some fantabulous photos.

Here lie my memories of winter camp within photos, in no particular order. Many of them are SOOC. And yes, I took every single one unless I give credit.
this photo of me ^ was taken by K
While I was there, I got the blessing of snapping a few photos of my Youth Pastor's son. So cute.

laughing with the high school girls until 1:00 am
dementedly running around trying to make the most of the incredible light for photos with the two Ks
chai lattes
getting up at 5:45 am to do sunrise worship
singing loudly along to Adele songs during dinner
"around the world" ping-pong
people asking me if I am the official photographer. hehe
maniacal junior high boys on the bus
watching and photographing boys playing basketball
making funny faces at myself in the mirror
heart to heart talks
golden hour. heavenly golden hour.
homemade pizza at 10:00 pm with the best people in the world
going on "the heist" a.k.a the swing of terror
homemade bazookies for dessert
seeing a friend get saved

Have you had a time recently to rest and refresh?



  1. that little baby boy is soooo cute! i love laughing with friends till late into the night -- wouldn't it be great if we could get paid to do that?
    people asked you if you were the official photographer? NICE. *internet high five*


  2. looks like so much fun! lovely photos.(:


  3. Aw, so glad you had a wonderful time! The light is that first photo is beautiful. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures Abi! I love the sunlight and golden-hour affect, whether it was there or not (; So glad you had fun (: