choir concert

When I go to a concert in which one of my siblings is performing, my life that night consists basically of 
a) stalking old people in order to take cool pictures, and 
b) stalking babies in order to take cool pictures. I think I might have traumatized a few toddlers. My D90 ain't exactly an unobtrusive point-and-shoot.

Hence the picture of that guy's head. I'm sorry sir, I'm sorry. The strange things I do in the name of photography. I think it's a disease.

But old people and babies aside, little sister performed fantastic, (she even had a big solo!) It was so fun to watch her as she riveted her attention on her director.

Oh, and please tell me I am not the only one who thinks that there is nothing better than little six-year old boys dressed in suits, complete with dress shoes. *dies*



  1. you are NOT the only one that will go to such lengths to get a photo of the little ones singing. Great pics!

  2. Haha thank you! Yes I designed it myself. The header is a watercolor painting I did :) the second picture in this post=loveitloveitloveit :D

  3. Stalking in order to take cool pictures = classic :)
    I love the second and third picture, they're beautiful.

  4. Nice!! hope you had a great time! love the second picture!!

  5. Hey Abi,
    I just found your blog through Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul, and I really like it! ;) I'm following; hope you come visit me (and follow if you like) @