a five senses summer

Oh yes. I am extremely excited for summer to get here. Here's a small list of what I want to do this summer.

>>The Civil Wars
>>Of Monsters and Men
>>The Low Anthem
>>Bon Iver

>>anything out of the garden.
>>homemade bread with butter
>>lots of fruit

>>vintage fabrics and clothes (I am going to try to spruce up my room)

>>flowers outside
>>a clean room (I promise, it has a smell!)

>>all my local haunts
>>my grandparents' ranch
>>as many friends as I possibly can
>>lots of books (I have some serious reading planned y'all. It's kinda scary)

What does your "five senses" summer look like?



  1. that first picture is so cool! this is a really awesome post; very imaginative. i haven't actually made a summer list...yet. (:

  2. a clean room really does have its own smell, huh? weird. those artists are all great to listen to :) i've just recently discovered Birdy, and I'm totally hooked.

  3. I love the monochrome-ish tones here (: love it

  4. Sweet pictures Abi! In 5 days I will board an airplane and head for America! So excited.

    xx, Annie

  5. nice. Reading... maybe i should try that.

  6. oh girl, awesome design(; Civil Wars and Bon Iver?! oh heck yes. Reading is a must for this summer, but you already know that... and those pictures? awesomesauce.
    five senses:
    listen- laughter, friendly voices, and more of baby's ramblings.
    eat- vegetables from our garden... what more can I say?!
    touch- books, books, and lots more books.
    smell- honeysuckle, books, and smoothies.
    see- the beach, a bookstore or library, coffee house with friends, and letters.
    woah, I think I see something along the line of books a few times.. mh.

  7. Wow, I love your five senses of Summer. Beautiful.

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