hello again summer || guest post by katie

the sound of summer has been playing repeatedly all around me. salty water runs through my veins. sunshine dances across my skin. sand has made its way into of all my notebooks and novels. the laughter of children, seagulls calling overhead, waves crashing atop the shore, threatening to overcome me as well- hello seaside, I've missed you. 

do you love the sea?


hey there, I'm Katie. snail mail, good music, afternoon coffee, classic books, pianos, and rainy days make the world go round. photos, stories, and laughing are what I do best, and I strive to be creative and inspired in every way. I even have a blog to document what I love most. nice to meet you.


  1. hey, katie! nice to see you here. thanks for making me uberly jealous of your time spent by the sea ;p

  2. yes, i LOVE the sea...it's my favourite place to go in summer! and where i live has some of the best beaches in australia! :)

  3. yes, i love the sea and i can't wait to get there!