vacation bible school

Another title for this post would be:

Why Am I So Tired
I Love Kids
Now I Have VBS Songs Stuck In My Head

anyhoo, highlights:

+telling 100 kids every day that Jesus died for their sins
+hearing kids singing. loud.
+having kids call me "Miss Abi," and running to give me a hug whenever they came into my class.
+"Sal and Sam," our daily skit, performed hilariously by the incredibly talented Sean and Jacob W.
+not having to do math all week. this is where I put the hashtag #yeahbaby. because I am a twitter nerd, that's why.
+getting out of my comfort zone every single day. if you want to stretch yourself, may I suggest preaching the gospel to clueless five year olds all the way to skeptical 6th graders? just trust me on this one.



  1. Oh yeah. Nothing like VBS to get you tired! but it is oh so fun!

  2. THis made me cry Abi. So thankful for you!!

  3. p.s. Are you planning on taking your math to Summer camp?

  4. We had VBS at our church this week, too. Talk about those songs being stuck in your head, I was the one on stage helping lead the songs-singing and dancing. Ha ha it was a lot of fun! :D

  5. Gah, VBS. This brings back so many memories...

  6. aw, I love kids too. sounds like you had fun at VBS. (:

  7. Hey,
    Lovely blog. This is the first time I've been to your part of the web, so I thought that I would leave a comment. :)
    The pictures are so fun!!