i'm that girl

photo credit goes to my eight year old sister. i think she has talent.
I'm that girl:

who sings in the shower
who refuses to give up
who would sleep in until 10am every morning if she could
who wants to reach out to others
who is deathly afraid of needles
who loves cheese like no tomorrow
who plays viola
who loves photography
who loves to write
who hates math
who wants to travel
who wants to make a difference
who can't run to save her life
who loves God
who has an obsession with beautiful things
who is really bad about journaling regularly
who cries in movies that aren't that sad
who cries even harder over a good book (The Book Thief, anyone?)
who wants to show others the same love she's been shown

What kind of girl are you?


  1. gah.. that photo. talent indeed! I've tried and tried and tried to get sunflare... I just can't. and yes yes yes to your list. honestly, I was reading and nodding and nodding ;)

  2. loved hearing more about you, Abigail! this is such a cool idea-- mind if I steal it? =)

    1. Don't mind at all, love. Feel free to use it, as long as credit is given. :)


  3. wow, your eight year old sister took that? and did she take all the other photos on your blog of you? nice knowing a little more about you :)

    1. Thanks love! All the other photos of me have been taken by either friends or my brother.But I am thinking about giving her a position as my apprentice. :D

  4. I'm the girl who loves you and this post- oh wait... anywho, I'll have to do this as well, with credit given to you of course, (;

    1. Have I ever told you that you are pretty much my fave? Oh, I have? Well, I'm telling you again.

  5. She sure does have some talent! Beautiful pictures. I'm the girl who is new to your blog and loving it!

  6. whoa, that picture is fab. love this post; you seem to be a very lovely person, abi. (: xo

  7. Hey!!!!!!!! Sounds a whole lot like me!!!! Gosh it's been FOREVER since I've talked to you!!!!!! Love the blog! :)

  8. wow. That photo is pretty darn amazing! Your sister has talent!
    And ohmyword I loved the Book Thief so so much! One of my faves :)