when words fail

Yesterday, as I sat down and tried to write a post, I literally could not think of a word to say.

I've been having that feeling a lot, now that I think about it.

Everything is rush, rush, rush. And I leave no room for God.

God doesn't feel close, and when he "leaves," so does my inspiration.

So funny, how God leaves you little reminders that he never really leaves. Like a preschooler giving you a big hug and a kiss, or a compliment from someone you really look up to.

You can't force inspiration. Just like you can't force God. Ironically, what I have found to be the solution to un-inspiration is actually stepping back from things that normally inspire me, like blogs and tumblr and whatnot.

The thing I need is not more inspiration from the world.

The thing I need is God.

I thought about this last night, and I think it is scary relevant. Like, I don't think a lot of people have a slot for stepping back at all.

So go. Have a pillow fight with your brother and run in the sprinklers and eat lots of watermelon and have sleepovers and don't forget the one who gave you inspiration.



  1. So true. =) I pretty much frizzle up when I "forget" God...

  2. Such a true, inspiring, and timely post! Those are exactly my thoughts.

  3. this- this is what I needed. thank you love. <3