"messy things," said marilla, whose aesthetic sense was not noticeably developed. "you clutter up your room entirely too much with out-of-doors stuff, anne. bedrooms were made to sleep in."
"oh, and dream in too, marilla. and you know one can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things."

--anne of green gables

i realized I haven't shown you my room.
there isn't too much. a big bed. a chair. a chest. a desk. a bookshelf. lots of knicknacks.
it's my little haven.
it's where i dream, plan, read, cry, and laugh.
it's a simple place, often cluttered with clothes and notebooks and pens laying everywhere.
it's my home.

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  1. I love that quote from Anne of Green Gables. So very true. xo

  2. Oo, I love that quote. <3
    you're so close to 100 followers, love!
    and I get your next letter, you will receive something a bit larger in the mail- more like a package. I am excited, so you should be too (;

  3. I love that quote, I love these photos, and I love your room and the way you describe it. :)

  4. lovely. you have such a gift for photographs.

  5. ok, so, i love this. your photography always makes me swoon. i'm following you again, and hey, great time at the convention today - we need to do it again soon! :D

    xo, Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul