Every year, we go to our local homeschool convention.

But this year, I got to meet one of my "blogging friends" for the first time.

Her name is Jessica, and she is awesome. She makes the coolest jewelry. Like, I am not even joking.

Basically, our afternoon consisted of laughter, inside jokes that only bloggers can have, and so much awesomeness that I am surprised that the people around us were not blinded. We also ate enough chocolate kisses to give a hippo a sugar coma.

She has an adorable blog, and she also has a rad jewelry shop.

Moral of the story? Never put two bloggers together with a bag of chocolate. Who knows what could happen?

much love,

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  1. these pictures are beautiful! love the Hershey kisses!

  2. dude! I SO wish I lived in AZ with you two! oh... this is sad. But I'm so happy you got to meet darling Jessica, and that you had a wonderful time (:

  3. how amazing! it's on my bucket list to meet some of my blogging buddies, and I'm sure this was a seriously sweet time for you guys. =)

    and her jewelry? bee-utimous.

  4. Ugghhh, yes, I had a sugar coma that night... lolol. I want to get together again soon. I talked to my mom, and ...well, I'll email you ;)

    xo, Jess @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. It's so cool that you met Jessica at the homeschool convention!