6 ways to get re-inspired | a guestpost by marcia

1. refocus and repurpose: spend sometime thinking about why you blog or photography, write out your purpose in life and refocus on God.

2. pintrest, tumblr, blogs: okay, their are some drop-dead-amazing blogs out there. use them to get re-inspired. [now, don't be a copycat] and tumblr and pintrest are teeming with inspiration waiting to be found.

3. go outside: at dusk or sunrise is the best. grab a notebook and pen and watch the sunset as you journal or have a mini sunrise photo shoot. [sunrise has the most delicious light!]

4. cook, craft, create: bake or cook something different and out-of-the-box, or if you aren't a cooking type- go on pintrest and find a diy or craft to make.

5. take a break: sometimes the best way to get reinspired is to take a break. take a break from blogging and computer time. I am just finishing a blogging break and I can personally testify that is the best thing to get reinspired.

6. make lists: making lists are my happy thing. It always helps to get organized and focused. 

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  1. i heart inspiration posts. they're so... inspiring. hee hee

  2. fantastic ideas... love them all! =)

  3. Love these tips. Especially going outside!

  4. Great advices, these things always help me to get re-inspired! Now I'll think of them more often.

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  5. These are beautiful ideas, i love the way you write and I love your pictures. You got a new follower(: