Bittersweet {A Guest Post by Erin}

Today I woke up & felt very old.
All my life I've been the kid waiting in the wings, watching friends come and go, graduate, go to college, and move on. But it's never been me.
Now my Facebook News Feed is littered with friends saying their electronic good byes, others graduating college, some getting married & even others having children.
It's so bittersweet. Now it's me going to college, me saying those goodbyes. And someday I will have a family of my own.
In the midst of all this, I found these yesterday.

Yup. My journals. All 14 of them.

As I read through the pages, it both saddened & encouraged me to find that I hardly recognized the scrawling of a much younger me in these old worn pages. Everything about me has changed since the writing of the first 13 journals (the 14th being my current project). I have changed in so many ways, and so has the world around me.
Don't let the present pass you by.
Make memories while you still can & LIVE!

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  1. love this. i can totally relate to this as i'm sort of in the same boat right now.

  2. Loved this post. :) In the midst of change, I love going back and re-reading my old journals. :)

  3. ahh i love this post. so nostalgic, sentimental~

  4. love this, i felt the exact same way.