getting out of a blogging slump // a guest post

It happens to each of us: the lack of inspiration, the total loss of will to even open up the dashboard. Here are my tips for getting out of a blogging slump:
1. Take a break. Just let yourself relax - take a few days off to enjoy yourself and hopefully gain some inspiration. Your blog will be just fine when you get back, I promise.

2. Make a list. List your favorite things to do, favorite books or movies, links you've been loving this week.

3. Go on a photo walk. Bring your camera and just take a walk, then blog about it.

4. Give a room tour. Your readers will be interested to see what your room looks like! It's really fun to see your style and personal touches on your room.

5. Share a project you've been working on. It can be a craft, a writing project - anything at all.

6. Remember not to force yourself to blog. Don't post just for the sake of having a post up; don't post because if you don't you'll have less viewers. Only post something you're proud of. This is a lesson I've learned. You shouldn't be blogging for money or for followers - you should be blogging for yourself, so be proud of what you put online.

What do you find helps you get over blogger's block?

Hey there! I'm Kinga. I love making art, with photos, with videos, with words, with Photoshop, and with anything else I can find. I've got an obsession for all things Sherlock Holmes, love early morning air, dream of attending film school in London, and knit avidly. I blog at quidditea and hope you'll stop by.


  1. this is a great list to have. thanks for sharing :)
    also, i like the fact that you have a sherlock dvd next to your computer.

  2. this post is lovely, thanks for this Kinga! x