i got an instagram

I did it. I caved and got an instagram (@imabigailanne). Thankfully, it will be on my mom's iPad so I am not on it all the time. Beautiful was the day that I found out that one could get Instagram on iPad. I swear the angels started singing.

Do you have Instagram? Let me know so I can follow you!


P.S. Does anybody know how to get the photos from my stream onto the blog without having to upload them manually?


  1. Cool! I've always wanted an instagram. One day when I'm not so sticky w/ my money and finally splurge on an ipod touch or iphone instead of saving every penny for camera things... ;)

  2. I'm @imcatherine and go to your profile and then to the setting box then sharing settings, blogger is not available but tumblr, Flickr, twitter and facebook are

  3. I am @imcatherine and no at the moment you can't automatically share with blogger but you can with Flickr, tumblr, twitter and facbook

  4. Instagram is so fun! My username is @Madi126 :)

  5. ahhhh!
    gah, you are so pwetty.

  6. Instagram is great! I am so totally addicted! Follow me :) @lucyclaire7 just followed you! x

  7. I have an instagram too!! @missraquel316

    You have a lovely blog. Keep up the good work :)