recentness + giveaway winner

Ahh, anticipating the new school year. Although I have a month of break yet to go, I cannot resist opening my new books and peeking through the pages. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to new books, lined paper, and especially, blank notebooks *squee*

But for now, I am content to lie around the house wearing knit dresses and feeling deliciously lazy. Because however much I love school, (more correctly, new stuff :D) it can't hold a candle to lazy days. Amen.

Are you excited for school to begin? Or are you still clinging to those last few summer days?


P.S. The winner of the Kinfolk giveaway is Rosiemamma! Congratulations! Leave me your address in a comment (that won't be published) so I can send you your magazine!


  1. oh, I am so excited for school. and I am so ready for fall too!
    #confession: I'm a school-a-holic

  2. I'm just as excited to start school as I always am to finish it. 2012-2013 school year, here we come. :)

  3. the beginning of school is an exciting time! I love the freedom and gold promise of summer, but the steadfast routines of the school year and the bloom of autumn are just so magical.


  4. Oh yes, I confess, I am looking forward to this new school year as well. I agree with you, I love new school books. ;)

    Congrats to Rosiemamma! ;)



  5. wow, these pictures are gor-to-the-geous. I can just picture you... holding your beautiful DSLR... snapping away... *sigh* ;D

    Congrats to the giveaway winner! (Rats.)

    xo, j

  6. I agree....starting the school year with all those fresh new notebooks makes me reeeeealllly happy! I got so impatient that I went ahead and started early.... lol
    Oh wow, you use the Apologia science too! I love their books... :-)


  7. dude, we are so seriously soul mates. I love school *new things* but can't let go of summer just quite yet because summer automatically entitles one to laziness.
    i love you.
    the end.

  8. i started school three weeks ago...i wish i had a long break!! but australia's is coming in november, just gotta complete this term and one more!!! :)
    i love new books and note pads too...they're delicious.