tea and apples in the afternoon

written in a journal over a cup of tea and an apple
life lately has been full of ups and downs. my camera has been lying unattended on my desk, my journal on my shelf, and my internet life has been feeling disconnected.

i was so inspired by megan this week. i have been feeling the same way, but i don't think it will be solved by writing more. i love the simplicity and quietness of my blog, and i want to keep that, but i think her authenticity and her gut-honesty are what really hit home. i want to be more authentic here, but i really do think that my blog reflects me, albeit a quieter side of me.

one thing i do know, however, is that there will probably be more than a few sentences in every post. my quietness borders on aloofness and i am not ok with that. i want to be honest, yet succinct. authentic, yet clear and crisp. i want to inspire others to live simply and beautifully.


p.s. almost 100 followers? you guys blow me away.


  1. this is beautiful. i love it so much. i was thinking about writing something similar because it would help with my relaunch post, but i don't want to take away from Megan's geniusness by being redundant. anyway, this is really wonderfully written Abi. :)

    1. aw. you guys are making me blush! :)
      Y'all are incredible and I cannot stress that enough.

  2. Your blog can change as you change, but don't feel any pressure. I love it just the way it is. The layout is gorgeous in its simplicity, the photos are gorgeous...it's awesome. :)

  3. You are so right about Megan. Her honesty and desire to be authentic is lovely and inspiring; and yours is the same, dear! I'd truly love to hear more from you, because I know you're a beautiful soul.(:

  4. I love it. And i love the tea pictures. I'm quite a tea fan. :)

  5. love these pictures, Abi!!!

  6. mmm. tea and apples are a yummy combo.
    And Megan is incredible. :)