tumblr-spiration || back to school

i'm so excited to be going back to school. just going through my new books and binders and composition books makes my heart happy. fall is almost here! 

and just look at that backpack. my. word.

are you excited to be going back to school?


  1. hey Abi! yes. i'm very excited about school.(:
    love these pictures!!!

  2. That's awesome that you're excited about school! Life's so much better when you go at it with a good attitude :)
    I started school a couple weeks ago - it's good to be back with friends and a routine, although I do miss summer a little :)

  3. Love these pics! And the backpack is so prettyfull! ;) Yes, I confess I am a bit excited to "go back" to school. parentheses used because I'm technically staying in the same place...I'm homeschooled.
    But yes! Learning new things is exciting. :)



  4. I am kind of excited, but also kind of dreading all the stress and tests and everything... especially since I'm taking an AP class this year (plus all honors classes). But a part of me can't wait :)

  5. I'm so, so excited!! :) I actually just bought a backpack yesterday. THE JOY!

  6. I love the tumblr-spiration board. Very school-ish!

    Jemimah C. @ Ink and Iridescence