how to be an adventurer in your own town :: guest post by kelsie

1. See potential. You may see your town as just being this plain, simple, boring, nothing-to-do kinda town. I bet back in it's day it was a hopping town though! See it as a place full of adventure!
2. Find out about your town's history. Check out your local news' website, look up your town on Wikipedia, find out about your town! You will find out a lot of really awesome things you probably didn't know!
3.Be willing to try new things. Okay, so there is this restaurant downtown you see every time you are on your way from home from school. But you think they probably serve gross food. maybe they don't? maybe they do? only one way to find out! just be willing to try something new!
4.Have an adventurous spirit! look at everything as in adventure. See those normally plain, uninteresting things as something that is to be explored!
5.Don't be afraid to look silly (or like a complete dork). So everyone is giving you funny looks because you went to take a picture in front of that really cool landmark, or you did something funny. who cares? have fun with it! as long as you're being respectful and a good little law-abiding citizen of course:)
6. go somewhere new. Instead of going to your favorite store or park every weekend. look for a new place to visit!

this is your collective guide to being a local adventurer.
hello lovely readers of abigail anne! I'm Kelsie, I blog over at bella ragazza! I'm just the girl who reads lots of books (books are the best, my friends), loves to listen to the crashing of the ocean waves, resides in the largest city in NC, drinks more coffee than she ought to, and could play her violin all the day long. nice to meet you, friend!

++++++have a lovely day and go on an adventure!


  1. this is amazing. thank you for sharing! being an adventurer sure is a lot of fun :) x - Jianine

  2. Aw, you're so cute Kelsie! I love this post- a really great idea, and I need to get out and discover more about my town. Thanks for the idea (:

  3. this was totally cute. for real. xoxo

  4. Hi, Abi.

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