I loved it all the same.

I sat in a familiar room, with red carpeting and fluorescent lighting that burned my eyes and made me squint at the coffee before me that wasn't sweet enough, a staining ring forming at the bottom of the mug with every attempted sip. Everything was familiar, close, breathing down my neck like something terrible that happened yesterday, only a bad memory, all distant and intangible. The grandfather clock with the picture of the sun and moon and stars that I've dreamt about so many times, over and over again, began chiming just as it does every quarter hour, almost as if to say 'it's been 15 whole minutes, what have you done with that time?'. The chiming still echoes emphatically in my thoughts. I can't get rid of it, and that distant memory that has reappeared and forced me to reconcile with its sting. There was a familiar room, with red carpeting and fluorescent lighting that had burned my eyes and made me squint at the coffee before me that hadn't been sweet enough, and I loved it all the same.


Hi there, I'm Katie.
I write things when it's raining and there's a cup of coffee in hand, take pictures of messy buns and smiles and memories, relish in the feeling of autumn and receiving letters in the mail and when he smiles at me, love laughter and people and life, and most importantly live for Jesus. My blog is where I share my creations, big or small moments of life, and what inspires me greatly. I'd love to be friends.
PS- thank you for inviting me to post, Abi! xoxo



  1. Beautiful. Positively beautiful.

  2. this is beautiful. love your writing.
    pretty picture:)

  3. ermahgersh, i get so excited whenever a piece of your writing pops up on my dash. BEAUTIFUL, as always, darling. xo

  4. This is so beautifully written!

  5. your writing is amazing, this is absolutely beautiful xx

  6. Hi Abigail Anne, I wanted to let you know that I awarded you at my blog. =)