10/12/13 - 

Still trying to grasp the fact that I am a senior and time is slipping by. Seems like yesterday I was starting my freshman year, nervously cracking open textbooks that were *gasp* hard. Time has blurred by and here I am, trying to decide where I should go on a gap year, writing debate cases, still learning to manage my time well, trying to survive in math (ugh). Odd, you know. I never thought I would spend Saturday mornings at a friend's house in the seemingly boring pursuit of deciding if the United States has a moral obligation to mitigate international conflict, but when accompanied by chai tea and some of the smartest people I know, it has suddenly become my pastime of choice. 

Here's to chai and conversation.

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  1. not that you write like a high schooler at ALL (honest), but what kind of freshman are you?